TechPats Attends IAM’s Inaugural IP Software Summit

Last Thursday, TechPats attended the IP Software Summit, presented by IAM, held at the Presidio of San Francisco. The IP Software Summit was built to provide a new platform for professionals from the software industry to discuss the scope of protection, collaboration, and monetization regarding software intellectual property. The panel format allowed in-depth discussions as well as questions from the audience on a variety of legal and technological topics.

As expected, a significant focus of the conference was subject matter eligibility of software patents in the US, Europe, and beyond. Several panels addressed the continuing effects of the US Supreme Court’s 2014 Alice decision on software and business method patents, emphasizing the developments made since, as well as the need for further court guidance and legislative action. Discussions of the “inventive step” analysis used by Europe and several other patent systems brought conversations concerning when prior art should be used in determinations of subject matter eligibility and patentability.

Attendees included licensing executives, in-house counsel, inventors, engineers, and IP practitioners…