Disappointed in the iPhone 7 Announcements? What’s Next for Apple?

Apple Still Working to Perfect Wireless Charging Technology for ‘iPhone 8’ | MACRUMORS
“The patent application was filed in late 2015, and provides ample evidence that Apple’s engineering teams continue to investigate wireless charging solutions. Indeed, Apple has had an interest in the technology ever since the first iPhone, gaining patents for wireless charging stations and wireless charging via near field magnetic resonance, which wirelessly charges a device within a certain region.”

Revealing Apple Patent Covers Ceramic Apple Watch and All-New Ceramic iPhone | PATENTLYAPPLE
“An interesting twist to this patent filing is that the same ceramic to make the Apple Watch could in fact be used to create a future iPhone. Yes, the patent states that products other than the Apple could use this new ceramic material such as a MacBook (laptop), a biometric sensor, a health monitoring device, other wearable electronic devices, the iPad (tablet) and finally the iPhone (smartphone).”

Apple granted patent for an all-glass, water-resistant mobile phone | PHONEARENA
iPhone 8 body? “The newly granted patent envisions the creation of a mobile device with an all-glass body, the entirety of which, or just portions, can be transparent or at least translucent. The casing can be formed from a unibody hollow glass tube or two glass panels bonded together and hermetically sealed for a water-resistant device. The bottom and top of the enclosure will be sealed with special caps.”

Apple Patent Reveals A Potentially Cutting Edge Feature For Future iPhones | FORBES
The USPTO “granted Apple patent 9,412,183, which is titled “Method for color balancing underwater photography.” The patent reveals an idea that would remove “undesirable tints” from the photos without losing the tint and color cues of the water itself. ”

10 Apple Patents We Wish Became a Reality | HIGHSNOBIETY
“Yes, there have been hits and misses for the company over the years, and like with other bits of technology, the whispers grow [louder] each year when there isn’t anything included in the latest iPhone iteration that will change the course of history. But for every minute change that fails to move the needle, even Apple’s biggest detractors are wise to understand that they always have something ingenious up their sleeve.”